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My new baby… 2007 W221 S350 LWB

After a rough 8 months featuring job losses, family issues, a car crash and all sorts of other things, the time has come to pick myself up and get things back the way they were. I’ve wanted a w221 since I had one as a courtesy car for a while back in 2007. With the w215 CL500 gone, I started to dream about picking up a good S class but money, time and circumstances just weren’t on my side this year. The Mini Cooper S was a nightmare, electrical issues all over the place, tyre replacements and shocking suspension problems were to name a few but the biggest problem was the £1200 head gasket repair job I had only 3 months after purchase…on a 56k mile car!!! Once that was sold I got back into Audis but they just didn’t do it for me. The A8 was great but lacked power and was starting to look really dated and it soon met its maker thanks to a van driver t-boning me on my way home from work. The Allroad was fun, it got me to the Lake District and back and also transported a sofa from Wales to my home in the East of England with no problems, but again, it was an endless money pit due to its terrible suspension design. I found a buyer for the Allroad and it seemed that August was going to be the month where everything happened… Within 2 weeks, I’d found a new house, started a new job, my girlfriend graduated from University, she also found a new job, we moved in together and then at the end of it all, I found the S class I had been looking for!


1952 Ferrari Barchetta - Jay Leno’s Garage

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Wet Vitesse WRC | Source | MVMT | More

So my A8 got crashed and written off, so here is my daily beater replacement! 2.5 V6 TDi Allroad


458 Speciale


One-owner Ferrari 275 GTB/4.

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Me by Rules

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Skycourt House by Keiji Ashizawa Design (from Homeli)

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